Al Gore’s Lies

July 22, 2008

He said ” ..We borrow money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Arabs and heat up the world…”

Well, not to simple.

1: We borrow money from the Chinese to pay for government deficit spending, which is more than we collect. The Clinton/Gore administration certainly added to our spending. Because of the internet bubble under Clinton/Gore, tax income was up, so they not only spend it, but they made commitments to spend “it” in the future. With the tax income gone after the internet bubble broke, this causes massive deficits. (Yes, Bush, a Republican Congress and the war doesn’t help either.)

2: We use a lot of oil, and since we don’t drill here, we need to buy it from overseas. This issue is not related to #1. yes, we sent about $700 billion overseas, while the Iraq war costs us only  1/4 of that.

So buying oil overseas is a lot worth than the war, in money terms. Think about the money that would stay within the USA, $700 billion, and what we could pay for in healthcare and education!

3: When Gore as a Senator, he passed a law to stop Americans from self-importing fuel efficient cars from Germany,  where eg. Volkwagen  offer a 75 MPG car, Mercedes has the SMART car etc..

So much for being green, or allowing Americans to be green!

4: The USA government has proven that it can’t lead, but worse yet, it’s standing in the way!. Now, the price of oil will make changes, finally, after congress is talking about it for 30 years. And despite Americans wanting immediate solutions, it will take some time, years, to get out of this hole.

Welcome to the “greatest” countries. 

Alex W. Stone



April 24, 2008


FIRSTLY, we must admit what went wrong. An acoholic can not change unless one admits to having a problem. So… 85% of US citizen believe we are going down the wrong way, mostly  caused by politicians in Washington, our Senators and Presidents over many years.  So WHY do we re-elect the politicians? To give us more trouble?

Well, A) because once they are in office,  it’s so powerfull that you can brainwash most of us, B) In office, you can raise so much more money by catering to special interests (corruption), that you outspend anybody challenging you, C) others are stupid and D) the rest doesn’t vote.

It costs soooo much to make sure you stay in power, get re-elected, that all the Senators are owned by the industry and lobbyists.

Therefore, TERM LIMITS would fix most of our problems:

Look at heathcare (Frontline report), Law (Euro system), Education(we are last), business tax (highest in US), subsidies-then taxes for tabocco(stupid) Ethanol (takes more engery than it makes & drives food prices up), immigartion,  etc, etc. I can go one foe a long time….

So: 1 Term, 6 years for a Senator or Representative, (1/3 gets elected every 2 years) and 1 6 year term for the president. NO RE-ELECTIONS!

Also, before THINK about running for another office, YOU MUST RESIGN from your current federal job! It is totally unacceptable for 1/2 of the senate to take 2 years PAID LEAVE to run for president, because you already have an important job! Try this in private industry!!!

SECONDLY, we must change the 2 party system, as it shuts out good ideas and real dialog. A third condidate now is a spoiler, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Every can run, the if nobody gets 50.1+% then the TOP TWO have a RUN-OFF election!!!

So Clinton won 42% would have to face Bush#1 one on one, without Nader and Perot.  And Bush#2 would have to face Al Gore, without Nader and other “spoilers”. Then truely one would have WON 50.1% !!!!!

IF France and Louisiana can do it, why can’t the USA in federal elections?

THIRDLY, the Electorial College must go away. I am ashamed I still have to explain it to foreign friends, because it is so outdated. Every election. Politicians talk about it and then out dear leaders never do anything about it. (That’s why term limits!). We call ourselves a democracy, but we do not count each vote????

FOURTHLY, since practice has shown that the president nor congress do what the people want, there needs to be a NATIONAL REFERENDUM, like many states have referendums and petitions by the people (Remember “WE, the PEOPLE”….)

LASTLY, the USA is the largest finacial entity in the world, like the largest corporation, with it’s CEO=president and it’s bourd of directors=congresspeople. Now, would Boeing, Microsoft, Walmart, Costco or Starbucks hire president or directors like this? Surely NOT

Because the politicians are NOT QUALIFIED. I mean it takes more then a rock-star or woman in tennis shoes to run such a complex large organisation. No wonder nothing works. Most of them are lawyers who never had a job besides lawyering.

Yes, the politicians promise you jobs, a house with a white picket fence and 1.75 well educated kids. Unless you want to work for the post-office, what job have they ever created? Why are we loosing house mortgages (wallstreet lobbyists, no oversight ?) Why are we last in education in the civilized world?

Wake up America, take your country back from these rascals!


Alex W.Stone